Limerick Classic Motorsport Evening

The Limerick Classic & Vintage Car Club are holding another Classic Motorsport Evening on this Friday March 1st at the Kilmurry Lodge Hotel, Limerick, at 8pm . This is near the University of Limerick and just off M7, junction 28.

The show will feature;

– Rosemary Smith, the first lady of Irish motorsport, back by popular demand to share more of her adventures. First-hand accounts of the Tulip Rally, London-Sydney Rally, the Circuit of Ireland etc., racing at Dunboyne, the Irish Land Speed Record and much more.

– Irish man Jim Gavin is coming specially from the UK to talk about his career in motorsport. To include doing the Circuit of Ireland in a Ford Consul, the 1968 London Sydney Rally in an Escort and drag racing the twin-engined 'Twini' Mini. Jim was also involved in the Deep Sanderson (mid engined mini-powered sportsracer) Le Mans effort of the 1960s and organising many of the long distance rallies of the 1970s. Hear about pulling a drowning Escort from the river Ganges with a 100 year old elephant and rescuing Stirling Moss when lost in the Sahara during the 1974 World Cup Rally. Jim also pioneered ride-on lawnmower racing…..Unmissable!

Lots of photos & slides never seen before.

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