We are holding our 60th Cork Veteran Run on July 18th and 19th this year.

We are trying to locate some early entrants, in particular:

– 1901 Sunbeam Mabley registered IE 4 
– 1900 Arrol Johnson Registered GM 3
– 1903 Winton registered RI 50
– 1905 Sizaire Naudin registerd RI 1223
– 1909 Briton
– 1911 Belsize registerd OI 4027
– 1911 Belsize registered HI 85
– 1912 Humber registered IO 623

If you know about the whereabouts of the listed cars or of others who competed in Cork in a distant past, please let us know via the site or via webmaster@munstervintage.com

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  1. geoff says:

    Hi I have RI 2923 Austin owned by the late William king which by the looks of the program's was on some of the early runs. 

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