25th Annual Veteran & Vintage Motorcycle Run

We are holding our 25th annual V&V Motorcycle Run in Inchigeelagh on 9th & 10th of May. This will consist of a run of approx. 100 miles on Saturday & a short social run on Sunday, starting at 11-00 a.m. sharp each day. The rally as usual, is based in Creedon's Hotel, Inchigeelagh. Accommodation can be arranged by contacting Joe Creedon at 026-49012.

Saturday Evening Dinner will cost €25-00 & B&B will cost €40-00 per person per night.  This year's lunch stop is at the Star Sailing Centre, Kenmare and lunch will cost €16-00.

Entry fee is €9-00; non MVMCCC members will have to pay a Temporary Club Membership Fee of €1-00.

A set of Regs can be downloaded fom Inchigeelagh Regs 2015.


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