Below are a few pictures taken early morning before the Parade Laps.  The house is the one where Bira’s car ended up after his accident on Gravel Pit Bend on the Model Farm Rd.  The house remains in the same family and they relate the story whereby the Prince was offered a cup of tea (Barry’s Tea, of course!) only for the Prince’s ‘man’ to taste it before sipping on it himself once his ‘man’ hadn’t been poisoned!

Photo Galleries;  
We have put together some sets which will, hopefully, help you get an idea of the atmosphere on the day.

Gallery 1 – Photographs from Richard O Rourke.Gallery 2 – Photographs from Louise McCormick.
Gallery 3 – Photographs from Kieran O Callaghan & Caroline O MahonyGallery 4 – Pictures by various photographers of each entrant.
Gallery 5 – Pictures by Patrick CotterGallery 6 – Misc photographs.
Gallery 7 – The run to Blarney.  Pictures courtesy Barry O Mahony Gallery 8 – From Kieran Boyde
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